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We have been dealing with numerous varieties of locksmith issues in our years of experience in the region. The most essential thing learnt by us in all these years is that: prevention is better than cure. Yes, it applies to lock and key systems as well. Whenever we get a call for a locksmith service, we have tried to enquire and study the reasons behind them. Though we reach the place immediately and serve the need, we try to figure out what caused the issue in the first place. And we have usually seen that in a majority of cases, ex-tenants had gained entry into the owner’s property using the keys to their house.

What do you get of it? You should never trust anyone and immediately after a tenant vacates your property, call up a professional locksmith. If you need to get in touch with a trusted eviction service  provider in area, call Parkland Estates FL Locksmith Store today!

Evicted tenants are vengeful

Parkland Estates FL Locksmith Store Parkland Estates, FL 813-551-1265We know that evictions are usually opted for by people or house owners who’ve failed to come to a reasonable resolution to a strained owner-tenant relationship. When the tenants are stubborn and either do not pay the rent or create nuisance in and around their property, this forces owners to evict them from the property. But one should exercise caution here and get back the keys from them so that later they cannot get into their property. Even if it seems like they’ve handed over all the keys, you can rule out the possibility of them having copied keys unknowingly. This is where you can seek eviction service to change the lock of the property or get them rekeyed.

The eviction process:

Step 1: Get all the legal paperwork done and then politely ask the tenant to evict your property. Then you can call Parkland Estates FL Locksmith Store for eviction service .

Step 2: We will send our experts to make enquiries about the level of access entrusted to the evicted tenant

Step 3: After assessing the locks, the suitability of those locks for a rekeying process is carried out.

Step 4: If the locks are old, new locks are installed, otherwise, the old ones are rekeyed to ensure that evicted tenant’s keys no longer work on the lock.

Step 5: If they find errors or flaws in your security, they’ll suggest you suitable solutions to enhance it.

Step 6(optional ):  You can decide on installing advanced locks to bolster your security as per your convenience.

For all types of eviction service , contact us at 813-551-1265!